Bemcot Wipers

Product Code: STWI-BEM

These Bemcot series of industrial wipers are made from 100% cotton with low particle generation. They are able to meet the high demand of todays technology in various industrial field, including electronic, LCD, precision machinery, magnetic tapes, automobile etc.

Bemcot Wipers have the following superior properties:

1. Original Cotton :


  • Superb liquid absorption and preservation.
  • Antistatic
  • Easy to burn out
  • Excellent in heat resistance
  • Ecologically Safe

    2.Long Fibers: Lint free and fibers seldom come off, Object can be wipe cleanly.

    3.No binders:
  • Safe to use with different solutions
  • No Impurities

    The following is a range of Bemcot Wipers

  • Fine Class Wipers: Designed to be used in area requiring high cleanliness. These wipers provide the finest particle containment of the Bemcot series.
    Type : Super CN, PS-2

  • Regular Class Wipers: The most popular wipers of the BEMCOT series, it is highly adsorbent and solvent-resistant. It is also a economical wiper with low particle generation
    Type : M3, M1, S2.

  • Wipers for Laboratory and Assembly Use: This is a paper-like non-woven wipers with low particle. It is supplied in box form for easy pick-up.
    Type : Clean Wipe P, Bemcot Roll.

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